Trans-Provence 2012 – Day #2…

…Clamensane – Digne-les-Bains


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By team on 25 September 2012 in Mountain Bike Marathon

A storm of biblical proportions greets riders on Day 2 of Mavic Trans-Provence

Trans-Provence is a pure test of endurance but it is also a test of commitment and so Day 2 proved to be for the 70 riders that set off from Clamensane to Digne-les-Bains.

Weather conditions were atrocious for the 57.6km of riding on Monday. Wind, rain sleet and hail made riding difficult at times. Special Stage 6 on Monday was cancelled for this very reason.

By early afternoon the storm had blown itself out and riders pedalled some warmth back into their bodies but all the participants warmly welcomed the end of a torrid day out on the trails.

Day 2 saw Nicolas Lau make a move into first place overall after being the fastest over the three Special Stages that did go ahead (4, 5 and 7) on Monday.

Fabien Barel was fastest over Special Stages 4 and 7 but was 11th fastest on Special Stage 5. Barel was absent on Day 1 of Trans-Provence so is already someway behind the leaders.

Jerome Clementz, who had been leading after the end of the first day, was third fastest on Day 2 but lost a minute and 14 seconds overall to Lau over today’s Special Stages.

Lau has an overall classification time of 48:43 after the end of Day 2. Jerome Clementz is second on 49:43 with Nicolas Vuilloz third on 50:22.

Caroline-Anne Chausson is still the leading woman with a time of 58.14 and is 23rd overall. MTB snapper Sven Martin is the leading amateur rider and occupies 12th place overall.

Day 2 results

Overall Classification after Day 2

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