The Egg Burner…

Now I’m not a calorie counter – in fact very far from it but 982 kcal sounds like it should of helped get rid of at least some of the Easter excesses doesn’t it?

We spent a few days with my family in the North-West of France over Easter and when we returned to the mountains on Thursday morning everything was covered in snow again…happy days 🙂

Apparently we’d missed a huge dump 0.5m+ on the Tuesday night…but it’s melting..pretty fast 🙁  The good news is that more snow is forecast over the weekend, next week and next weekend 🙂  The bad news is I haven’t had a chance to go and ride some of this fresh stuff yet and it made yesterdays bike ride very hard work – I guess that’s why it felt like I’d burned off more Easter eggs that I actually had.

All in all a good bike ride and probably the longest/hardest but most rewarding of the year so far;  started off by riding 4km uphill on a 16.5kg Dowhill mountain bike!  (and after that it’s never going to be easy is it?)  After the uphill-downhill session swapped bikes went for some fun in the snow, slush & mud.  Nearly got caught out by a fast(er than usual) flowing stream but managed to say on two wheels and made it up to about 1500m before a 60km/h descent back down to the village…all good fun.

Managed to stop to take a few cam-phone shots – bit of an overcast, grey day so these were the best of the bunch.


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