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Since moving from London to the High Alps, France in the spring of 2011 and grasping the local outdoor and sports orientated lifestyle with both hands (a lot of the time literally!) – health and fitness has came to play more and more of a major role in me and my family’s daily life. But I never thought it would lead to me to building my own startup in the mountains.



2012 was mainly taken up by lots of races and events. From enduro and downhill mountain bike races in the Alps to Obstacle Corse Races like Tough Mudder in the UK. I was getting fitter but I worked out very quickly that diet and fitness went together like eggs and bacon…no toast ?

Downhill Mountain Biking Tough Mudder


I started making my own natural and organic protein and superfood blends in 2013 but just for myself and to share the recipes with like-minded friends that were into playing in the mountains too. I definitely didn’t have plans to make a business out of it.


We got a puppy! Taïga, her mum was a Berger Blanc Suisse (Swiss White Shepherd) and her dad was a Siberian Husky. So a proper northern, mountain dog through and through. Loves the outdoors, loves the snow, an amazing temperament, an escape artist. She has an amazing life over here.



In 2015 I started researching and trying out Intermittent Fasting for the first time. I was amazed by the results that could be achieved by simply skipping breakfast and eating all my meals within a 6-8hr window. Abdominal fat seemed to pretty much disappear overnight. Well not quite that fast but pretty quickly considering I wasn’t eating any less than before just changing when I ate it. That along with faster times running on the local trails, smashing my PB’s in a Half-Marathon, more energy, better sleep, improved memory and sharper brain and quicker recovery times from injury (given the sports I have chosen – Snowboarding, Downhill and Enduro Mountain Biking and Alpine Trail Running, there’s a few of those each year) were just a few of the benefits I noticed in that first year. Unsurprisingly…I was sold on the idea ??

Oh…we got another dog. Taïga’s sister needed a home. She was living in a small apartment in Gap with her owner and the Husky dad. Not an ideal situation her owner knew so he asked her if we wanted her to live with us. We couldn’t say no so we took her in too…enter Etna ? ?


In 2016 I started to reduce the carbs in my diet, especially the processed and refined grains and started doing a 24hr fast once a month. As well as the 16-18hr fasts 3-5 days per week. Towards the end of 2016 I first considered starting the startup Fasting For Fitness, mainly to document my journey and inspire others but also I thought if I’m making these protein and superfood mixes and blends for myself, why not make them for other like-minded people.
“If I like them, then there must be other people that would enjoy them and benefit from them too?”

I set up the company Fasting For Fitness / FFFProtein SARL here in the French Alps in 2017 with the aim of making people’s transition to a new, healthier lifestyle simpler and more enjoyable but with quick and lasting results. Now in 2018 the first products will be available and the plan is to add additional products each year. Also at 43 years old I am feeling fitter and healthier than I ever have so if you want to sample all of these benefits and more, get on the Fasting For Fitness Program TODAY!

Watch this space as the story continues…


Shaker Bottle
Oh yeah, 2017 – we got another puppy ? ? ? ? – Here come’s Haru, the American Akita (we think). She has fit in well with the other two if a little feisty round the edges but she’s very smart, lots of fun and a great addition to the family.
American Akita
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