Simplify Your Life!

Intermittent Fasting
Keep it Simple

Intermittent Fasting has too many proven benefits to list – unless you’re writing a book on the subject – but one of the main benefits is somewhat overlooked. And that is that when you adopt an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle, well it just makes your life…much simpler!

Last week I had to drop my family at Milan airport. A six hour round trip. Leaving at 8am and knowing I wouldn’t be back until about about 2pm the old non-fasting me would have probably needed to source 2 meals in that time. I would have definitely needed breakfast…you know, for the energy required to sit on my backside for 6hrs. And I probably would have needed to stop at about 1pm for lunch. Time, money, thinking of what to eat, eating crap out on the road (although Italian service stations would pass for decent restaurants in most other countries)…all these things just disappear when you are on an IF protocol.


Break Your Fast Right

I ended up doing a 24hr fast that day. I wasn’t particularly trying or thinking about going longer but more just didn’t really get a chance to sit down and eat before about 8pm. I spent every one of those hours feeling great. I was sleeping for about 7 of them but pretty sure I was having great dreams. When I do a longer – more than 20hr – fast I have a great way to gently break it before my first proper meal. This is really important. If you fast for longer periods like this and then just sit down to a huge plate of food, you’re going to kind of put your body into a state of shock…your stomach will be making very loud noises, you may feel sick and light headed and you just won’t feel very good at all. I know this from experience and experimenting breaking longer fasts with different foods. Check this post for my Holy Trinity of Fast Breaking…or this one.


My Evening Routine

Talking of fast breaking – don’t miss our 30% discount offer on our Coconut Protein+ just use code APRIL30 at checkout and you’re discount will be applied. Both of our Coconut Protein+ products are great for Fast Breaking but my personal favourite is to use the Plant-Based Powder to break my fast and use the Whey based product to end my eating window in the evening. I have found mixing a scoop of Whey Coconut Protein+ with about 350ml of warm milk and 1tsp of Reishi Mushroom Powder and drinking that at about 8pm. Then drinking 2 cups of herbal tea (I make a mix of Verbena and Dandelion root) over the next couple of hours then taking 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 before bed = a great night’s sleep without fail. Try it for yourself. It’s an amazing combo.


Make it a Ritual

A good policy when Intermittent Fasting is to only eat when you’re at home or at the office if it has the means to put your meal together and eat it in a relaxed manner and a calm environment. This means an end to even thinking about food when out and about. Just wait until you get home or to the office and eat something real, that you know where it comes from and what ingredients are in it. Make sure you’re sitting down at a table, try and remove distractions like your phone or the TV and just really enjoy the food in front of you. You will learn to appreciate your food and savour each bite. You’ll re-learn to appreciate simple meals. And you’ll really feel the goodness and nutrition going into your body as you eat.



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