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2012 Imperium B.A.D : All-Mountain, Freestyle Snowboard -156cm

If you’re looking for a new board this season and you’re equally at home tearing up the park or shredding the backcountry, the 2012 Build And Destroy Series “all-mountain, freestyle” stick from Imperium might just fit the bill…It definitely looks the part with some seriously sick graphics inspired by the onward march of consumerism, apparently.

It’s a new fangled reverse camber number and comes in 2 sizes; 153 & 156.  The 153 has the full-colour business going on (pictured below) while the 156 comes in more of a sepia affair with touches of red (pictured above)

Just picking it up in the shop you notice it’s far more flexible than what I would define as a true “Backcountry” snowboard but I guess this planks primary objective is to get you landing big stuff anywhere on the mountain

Imperium B.A.D RC : Reverse Camber, All-Mountain, Freestyle Board - 153cm

Imperium’s Description;

“It’s obvious Gijs Vanhee designed the build and the destroy board, for his personal interests are: the questioning of our consumer-society and the preservation of nature.

The B.A.D. is a high-end rocker backcountry board! Made for all-mountain freestyle riding, this board is built to land anything, anywhere! You could easily stomp a cliff on both legs, the V rocker will help you coming out of 1 meter of fresh pow. Be careful when riding steep couloirs, this beauty goes really fast! It’s one of the favourites of our team!”

For anyone in the Serre Chevalier area this snowboard is available at;

Andaska Outdoor

Centre Commercial Grand Boucle

05100 Briancon

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