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Bodyweight exercises
Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are just that, exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. You do not need weights or bands or any additional equipment and they can be performed anywhere. If you are overweight or are looking for exercises you can do at home to burn calories and fat and get your heart rate up then this article could be for you. I hear a lot of people who want to lose weight but do not want to go to the gym because they are embarrassed to show their bodies in public. Fair enough, I would be shy to show my body too next to fit slim people in a gym setting. For Bodyweight Exercise at Home I would like to suggest 5 exercises you can do to lose weight, all of them done at home or around the house with no need to join a gym. These are all bodyweight exercises that will burn plenty of calories and fat. Be careful not to burst in flames!



I am sure you know how to do pushups but just in case someone reads this and does not know, here goes – get down to the floor on your hands and toes while spreading your feet about shoulder width apart and hands a bit more than shoulder width apart. Now bend your elbows to 90 degrees so that your body goes down towards the floor. Now push yourself back up to the original position. If you can do 10 pushups at a time you’ll burn fat and calories. For those of you who are more advanced you can adopt a different variety of pushups and place your legs higher above the floor, the higher you go the more difficult it becomes. Combining Planks with Push-ups is also a great way to shed the pounds, build muscle and strengthen your core



The best way to learn how to perform proper squats is by standing facing a wall while your toes are touching the wall. Now bend your knees to a 90 degrees position. You will notice that when you bend, your body weight is on your heals rather than your toes and your knees and face do not pass the line of your toes. This is the correct way to perform squats. Now you can step away from the wall and try to perform your squats. This exercise will work a wide range of muscles and burn more calories and fat.



Stand straight with both legs together. Now lunge forward until your thigh is approximately parallel to the ground. Your step forward has to be big enough so that when you lunge, your knee does not pass your toe, and your shin is almost vertical, this will prevent any potential knee injury. Now step back and perform a lunge with your other leg. Lunges can be done backwards and walking forward. When you walk make sure to remain bent all the way, do not straighten yourself for maximum effect.


Staircase sprints

OK, this exercise is a killer, it is done anywhere in a park or rugby field where there are lots of steps where the crowd sits. You simply burst into a sprint up the stairs all the way to the top. Once getting to the top walk down to the bottom slowly because this will be your recovery period before you will burst in another staircase sprint. If you do 6-10 sprints you will have done your exercise for the day. And if you really feel energised combine this with some pushups. Hey, I can smell fat burning, where is the fire extinguisher?



Well, enough said, when you jump your whole body mass comes down on your thighs when you bend your knees on the way down. It is a great fun exercise to do and you can even incorporate some rope jumps if you wish to have even more fun.

The best way to perform these exercises is combine them all together and mix it up. Have little or no rest in between for maximum results and rest every second day if you do not want to risk injuring yourself. Have fun ??


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