FFF Super Greens Hangover Cure

Hangover cure

I’ve been drinking this new blend for a few weeks now. And I can safely say…it f@cking rocks! It’s the perfect daily fast-breaker ?? …or weekend hangover cure ?

After a minimum of a 16hr fast blend this up. You’ll get 2 large glasses out of this recipe. Drink them both or give one to someone else. You’ll start feeling the effects after a couple of minutes.

All those Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace-minerals, phyto-elements, essential amino acids and essential fatty-acids) get to work almost immediately. Eat your first meal of the day no less than 30mins after you’ve drunk the blend and then crush the afternoon ?

This is how we break fast at The Fasting For Fitness Club!

FFF Super Greens Fast-Breaker/Hangover Cure – Ingredients:

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