Anticipation Pt. 1…

Those lucky b@st@rds across the pond!  We’ve gotta wait over 4 weeks until Mongenevre opens for the summer and another 2 weeks after that until Serre Chevalier’s Bike Park opens.  Whistler, B.C look like they’re almost ready to go…

Anticipation Pt. 1 :


Opening day at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is just days away and the anticipation to ride is at an all time high. After a long and very snowy winter in Whistler, the first tastes of summer are finally hitting the tongue as warm weather moves in and the first Giant Glory bikes arrive. With Trail Crew putting in countless hours digging, raking, packing and repacking, the first drop down A-Line will seem like summer never left. But it did, and now it’s back

Thanks to North Shore Mountain Biking for finding this one

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