Smashing Protein Powders!

Designed in The Alps For Intermittent Fasting, Health & Fitness

High quality, Organic Protein with the extra health benefits of Coconut, Baobab, Spinach and Blueberry.

Our Whey and Plant-Based Coconut Protein Powder has been designed from the ground up and tested on the slopes, trails, rivers and peaks of the Southern French Alps specifically to help you kickstart your new healthier lifestyle. Both of our protein products can be used as a fast-breaking, post-workout shake or as a final nutritious drink before you start your fasting period.

Let’s see what’s inside…



Why Do We Use Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is just dried and ground coconut meat. The meat from coconut has a pretty impressive 60% dietary fibre nutritional value. Fibre is food for our beneficial gut bacteria and because it can’t really be absorbed by the body, some of those calories and carbohydrates from the coconut aren’t even absorbed and used, but continue right through the digestive system helping to take toxins and waste along with them. Good news! Coconut flour is also a favourite for those on a Paleo or gluten-free diet (including Celiac’s). It’s also good for people with nut allergies as well as diabetic’s. More reasons to chose our Coconut Protein Powder

  • Aids in Metabolism
  • High in Fibre
  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Blood Sugar Level
  • Helps Digestive Health
The quality of the whey protein depends on the diet of the cows.

Our Whey Protein

It might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realise this one simple fact…The quality of whey protein depends on the diet of the cows. Cows that have a grass based diet have a higher concentration of quality fats and quality proteins. The milk from organically raised cows doesn’t contain any antibiotics, hormones or heavy metals. That is why we only use whey protein from EU cattle that are pasture-raised in organically grown fields and meadows.

There are in fact 2 types of Whey Protein; Acid Whey and Sweet Whey– Acid Whey does have a better nutritional profile than sweet whey but due to taste it’s less commonly sold. We use organic sweet whey as we do not add any sweeteners to our whey protein – the baobab powder (see below) adds an awesomely sweet yet tangy taste to our Whey Protein+

Why do we sweeten with Baobab Powder?

Baobab powder is just raw, dried baobab fruit. This tangy fruit comes from, you guessed it, the Baobab tree! These trees are native to tropical latitudes of Africa as well as certain regions of Madagascar, The Arabian Peninsula and Australia.

  • High in Vitamin C
  • Beneficial for your skin
  • Provides 2 dietary fibers for good gut health
  • Free from common allergens like gluten, lactose & nuts
  • Vegan and Paleo

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