A Day on The FFF Plan – Part 5 : Productivity Workin’ And Productive Workout


A Day on The FFF Plan – Part 5 : Productivity Workin’ and Productive Workout


If you haven’t read them then please read Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 first (links below)


> Part 1: The FFF Plan – Introduction

> Part 2: Hydrate – The Right Way

> Part 3: Get Outside – Walking

> Part 4: Caffeinate and Get Ready To Work


So you’ve got some natural light, filled your body with oxygen and got your heart pumping.

You’ve also rehydrated and replaced essential minerals and electrolytes lost overnight.

And you’ve managed to get outside (come rain or shine!) and got your legs moving, arms swinging and mentally prepared yourself for the challenges of the day ahead.

Back indoors – this could be home, a coffee shop or the office – you have cycled the kettle or coffee machine a couple of times and killed all but work notifications. It’s now time to get productive…


Productivity Workin’


When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

― Paulo Coelho

ProTip: If you don’t already have a standing workstation or area where you can stand, work and be happy, comfortable and productive for several hours at a time then start planning one now. I’m afraid there is very little sitting in The FFF Plan.

This section is obviously targeted at the other keyboard warriors out there but just change and tweak to suit your own profession or working environment.

  1. Turn all but essential and work notifications off. Distraction is the enemy here
  2. Set yourself up for a good 2-3 hour session. If you can concentrate and be productive for more than this at one time then knock yourself out. If you find that your productivity levels drop off before this then don’t sweat it. Everyone is different and this is just a guide. The key word here is productivity – so let that be your guide
  3. Make yourself comfortable, have whatever you need within grabbing distance. Once again, try and minimise distractions
  4. Have your water of choice to hand. If in doubt, go large – a 1l bottle over a 330ml can or 200ml glass all day long
  5. If you are in a noisy, distracting or other less-than-ideal working environment then invest in some decent headphones. I can literally plonk myself down anywhere – an airport, a friends sofa, a kitchen table or a coffee shop. Make your own environment and own your environment!
  6. Tune in to something like Chilled Cow’s Lofi Hip Hop Radioas I write these words I’m listening to one of their playlists – once again, make your own environment and own it
  7. That’s it. Procrastination time is over. Now, we work


Productive Workout


A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


Now, if you are anything like me you would have been up and out of bed between 6am and 7am. Then hydrated and set out on your morning walk around 8am and be back, caffeinated and at the laptop by 9:30-10am. Those 2-3 hours of work outlined above should now put us somewhere between 12-1pm. Sound about right? OK, time to shut it down…the laptop that is and get ready for the pain.

This is where you want to do your main workout of the day. Whether that’s 30mins with a kettlebell or a punch bag, an hour on a treadmill or your local trails or a HIIT class or session in the pool. Commit and like Nike says – Just Do It!

Pick your poison and enjoy the pain. Earn that first meal of the day which will come shortly…I promise!

Here’s a great little 30min Beginners Progressive Cardio Kettlebell Workout

*Men should start off with a 16kg Kettlebell – Woman should start off with an 8kg Kettlebell


Feel free to tweak to your own ability, strength and fitness levels. For example have a go at switching out the Waist Halo’s for Figure of 8’s or whichever exercises you prefer. The goal is to give yourself a good workout and use the last hour or so of your fast to really maximise your workout and get the best results possible.

So there we have it, that’s Part 5 in the bag. Guess what’s coming up in Part 6?…YES! IT’S TIME TO EAT!!

Stay Healthy, Stay Active, Keep Safe ✌🏽


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